Morocco Dave at the CET Popup

Morocco Dave at the CET Popup 1800 1041 John Whitmore Photography

The old Coventry Evening Telegraph Building is a wonderful place to meander around, full of history and many rooms left as they were when it shut down.  It’s currently being utilised as a pop-up art space and on last Saturday, a performance space for Morocco Dave.

It’s dark in the basement of the CET building, light leaks around corners and through gaps, sounds come and go as you wonder the corridors like whispers.  Approaching the press hall last Saturday the sounds formed textures, emotions and patterns and entering the hall the music of Morocco Dave filled the space, reverberating into every corner.

My trip down the the CET Building was 2-fold.  Firstly I wanted to hear (and photograph) Dave’s performance and secondly I wanted to do some exposure test shots in the darkest areas of the building for when I return with a large-format camera.

Hit the play button and come take a walk with me through the CET Building.

Update: Morocco Dave as uploaded the live set from the day!

Morocco Dave from above

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[foogallery id=”431″]

Looking down

Exposure tests in the CET Building

[foogallery id=”426″]


So, take a trip down to CETPopup, grab a coffee and some yummy food from Urban and take a journey into the past.
Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages for any exhibitions/events they are hosting.

Morocco Dave can be found on SoundcloudTwitter and Bandcamp

Date :  February 2018
Location : Coventry Evening Telegraph Building, Coventry
Film Camera : Mamiya 7ii
Films : Ilford Delta 3200, HP5

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