Shop Front Festival 2018 – Coventry

Shop Front Festival 2018 – Coventry 1800 1003 John Whitmore Photography

Shop Front Festival presented by Theatre Absolute
23rd and 24th March 2018, Coventry City Centre

Haven’t got much time to write about the day at the moment but wanted to get the images online before the second day of events kicked-off.
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Precinct Shopping by Photo Archive Miners

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A Mile in My Shoes – Empathy Museum

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Actual Reality Arcade – Matthew Harrison

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Hands Full – Sophia Clist

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The Q – Talking Birds

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Latherland – Susannah Hewlett

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Two Pints of Lager and a Piece of Contemporary Dance – Nina Von Der Werth


Inflation – Tangled Feet

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Re-Told – Mercurial Dance

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Film Photography Details
Today was a bit of a personal challenge.  To shoot an event, develop, scan and post a blog post in day, did it work?! Yes! Sort of…
There were many hurdles, I only had 2 rolls of 35mm and 1 120, neither really suitable for the lighting conditions. (FP4 and Delta 3200) I loaded the FP4 first as planned to shoot outdoor events first, however many were indoors – I decided to push to 400ISO which helped a little.  Then when it came time to loading the 3200 I was shooting outside!  With only 2 frames left when reaching my final venue, wishing I had more is an understatement.
In future I’m going full HP5 for content like this.

Next up was the dev.  As I had 3 rolls of different film all pushed/pulled the dev times were all different – this meant it took nearly 2 hours to get them all done – not ideal when trying to work on a deadline. The drying time without a film dryer was excruciating – but gave me chance to have some food!

Scanning time also felt slow and I used this lost time to prepare this blog post.
So, here it is, hope you have enjoyed the photos and a little bit behind the scenes of the process of making them.
If you live in or near Coventry, get yourself down to the Shop Front Festival!

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