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Analogue Workshop : Leamington Art Gallery & Museum 1800 1800 John Whitmore Photography
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During the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum a series of workshops and salons were held in the entrance area of the Pump Rooms.
I was invited to host an analogue photography workshop to engage the visitors with some of the processes involved in creation of Diane Arbus’ photographs.
Portraits were made using a large format camera, capturing using paper negatives and developing in my Darkbox (a portable darkroom in a box!). This enabled the visitors to see the image appearing on the photographic paper as it developed.

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LeamingtonWorkshop - Photographed with Film - Ilford HP5 400 at ISO 400 on Medium Format 120 Roll ID-0298-012

Medium format portraits were also taken of some of the visitors using a Mamiya C330 TLR camera, very similar to the camera that Diane Arbus used to take her iconic square format photos.  These were developed and printed in my darkroom after the event and shown during a talk at a Friday Focus after the workshop.

I was also invited to photograph a Salon session hosted by Bruch with the Bradleys which involved a very powerful discussion about self identity in relation Diane Arbus’ photographs with a talk and performance from Sassi Afrika.

LeamingtonGallery Salon-CAC-6732

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