Subscription, Split Grade + Medium Format : darkshedLIVE : S02E09

Subscription, Split Grade + Medium Format : darkshedLIVE : S02E09 1280 720 John Whitmore Photography

This month I spent a little bit of time talking about my new subscription and patron scheme to celebrate the arrive of the launch issue of the quarterly zine Choosing & Losing.  You can read more (and subscribe) on the support page and my thoughts on why I am doing this in a blog post.

I covered some information about medium format film (that’s 120 not 120mm !) and give a demonstration on loading into a Mamiya 7ii and a couple of methods of loading the film onto a Jobo Reel for home development.

Finally, using a recently shot roll of Ilford FP4 120, there is a demonstration of split grade printing using a technique of creating test strips for the low grade (contrast) followed by test strips with a high grade (contrast) to control detail in the highlights and the shadows independently.  Using Adobe Lightroom to demonstrate the effect of contrast on an image and the histogram for analysing the effect of changing the contrast.

Hope you enjoy the stream and please get in touch and subscribe!

As always these test prints that are created during the broadcast are now available in my online shop for purchasing or you can get a voucher for one as part of my subscription packages!

Zine Subscription

Choosing & Losing is a quarterly photozine, delivered straight to your door.  This is an outlet for my ongoing projects and photography getting it into a regular, printed medium.

Subscription tiers have a range of additional benefits including print vouchers and discounts.

Not only that, by subscribing to any of the tiers you will be supporting my work, helping with the ongoing costs to continue long term projects and create new ones. 

  • Quaterly Zine
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  • Guaranteed warm fuzzies
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