An Extra Long December

An Extra Long December 2000 1214 John Whitmore Photography

An Extra Long December

This month for Choosing & Losing a seed planted in my mind during December that drove the direction of the themes and content of the issue.
That seed was the song ‘A Long December’ by the Counting Crows.
You can read more about how and why that manifested in the zine but for now I wanted to publish some of the images that were not used.
The process of putting it together led me to digging out some old photographs as well as producing new work, all restricted by the need to stay local during the current pandemic situation.

Some of these are unedited and little rough around the edges but will hopefully give you an insight into the selection process combined with some of the words that inspired these selections.

Little sparks of light.
Little signs of life.
Is it bin day?
Cycles of life
The world spins


Volcanoes erupt
Earth is formed


Rivers flow
Earth is eroded
It’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean


Continuously flowing
Glaciers turn to lakes turn to rivers
  • Chris O’Connell 31/01/2021 at 4:49 pm

    I love these John – great change in tone and style from the first zine. In particular I like the purple/lilac-y cloud explosion/formation. Reminds me of Trent Parke’s latest work – which is called The Crimson Line, just released in December, but it’s clear you obvs beat him to it as that shot is from your travels I suspect, so actually, he reminds me of you!!! But less of him anyway….looking forward to the next instalment!

    • Cheers Chris, I’ll happily take comparisons to Trent Parke. 🙂
      Pleased you like the direction it’s going, the images in the zine probably sit between these and the first one – it’s difficult breaking from habits and patterns in image selection/creation.

      The purple cloud photo is taken from the top of an active volcano, Mount Yasur (Tanna, Vanuatu) which is smoke from the volcano as it erupts….I struggle looking at these images as it was a pretty fearful experience!

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