Printmas Advent Calendar : darkshedLIVE

Printmas Advent Calendar : darkshedLIVE 827 453 John Whitmore Photography

The Printmas Advent Calendar 2020 – 25 (ish!) days of printing 35mm, 120 and large format images as I count down to Christmas.

Opening the 35mm Camera Film Photo Advert calendar along the way, join me in a massive journey of darkroom printing covering experiments such as printing Ektachrome on Ilford Direct positive paper, contact printing from large format dry plates, film strip style enlargements (with bonus sprocket holes!), composite printing with 2 medium format negatives, shout outs and a little bit of news thrown in!

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Sri Lanka : The Zine

A selection of B&W and colour photographs all taken on 35mm and medium format film around the south of Sri Lanka.
Showing landscapes, tea plantations, markets, people and the 5,500 step night walk up Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) for sunrise at the temple at the top.
Colombo, Ella, Galle, Hatton, Kandy and many more.

Limited First Edition
A5 (approx. 148 x 210 mm)
48 full-colour and B&W pages
Paper: 170 gsm Recycled
Cover : 250gsm Recycled