Coventry City of Culture – Launch Event

Coventry City of Culture – Launch Event 2000 1190 John Whitmore Photography

5th June 2021
Coventry, UK

It was launch day for the 2021 City of Culture, Coventry.  Much of what was taking place had been kept secret due to still being in the shadow of Covid restrictions. Small pieces of information were slowly revealed throughout the day meaning heading out to capture some images of the proceedings was viable.

What I thought would be a day packed full of photography soon became full of laughter and excitement as I randomly bumped into people, some that I hadn’t seen in over a year, that were on the same mission.

Thanks everyone I saw, the people of Coventry and City of Culture for making me feel like a teenager again.

The first place I caught some of the activities was part of the modern day Lady Godiva procession in Willenhall, where Laura Nyahuye began the journey on horse back towards the city centre.

Roads were spontaneously closed as the procession moved through the region with people leaving their homes to come and watch and listen to what was going on.

Heading in to town all of the processions gathered ready for heading to University Square to join a performance.  Unfortunately this was closed to the public, however, thanks to modern technology we were able to watch the live stream from the barriers.

Pauline Black (The Specials) then initiated the next phase by walking (and singing) into Broadmead where we were treated to an incredible sound experience, created by Dan Jones , filling the space with inspirational voices of Coventry and orchestral moments, bouncing around the buildings and filling the air, laying the foundations for what will be a magical year in the city.

You can hear one the segments on BBC Sounds.

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