Choosing & Losing Subscriptions

Print is not dead

£20 per year + P&P


£60 per year + P&P
  • Everything included in Level 1 plus
  • 1x Voucher for any Zine
  • 1x Voucher for any print from the ‘Home Collection
  • 5% off all prints in the online shop

The Collector

£140 per year + P&P
  • Everything Included in Level 1 AND Level 2 plus
  • Voucher for any unframed print from the ‘Limited Editions Collection
  • 10% off all prints in the online shop

For a long time I have been struggling with how to get my photography out there, in front of people and ultimately into their hands.
The domination of the online and social media driven world doesn’t align with the ethos of tangible photography.

This is my way of escaping that system, a patron and subscription platform that will enable you to easily get hold of my photography in print form.

It’s all centred around the Choosing & Losing zine, delivered to your door 4 times a year.  This will be an outlet for my ongoing projects and photography getting it into a regular, printed medium.
Each tier has a range of additional benefits including print vouchers, discounts and access to exclusive content on this site.
Not only that, by subscribing to any of the tiers you will be supporting my work, helping with the ongoing costs to continue long term projects and create new ones.  Guaranteed warm fuzzies.

Read all the details about how I reached this point in the blog – The new (old) digital publishing adventure

It’s time to start seeing the world a little differently and I hope you will join looking out of my window.

PLEASE NOTE : Currently shipping Issue #01 for all new subscribers


Interested in supporting my projects with a one off donation for general materials or a specific project?  This is the place!
You will also receive a subscription to Level 3 with any one off donation and an extra warm, fuzzy feeling.



£500 One off donation

photographic paper
storage/archiving products
mounting card

By funding this project you helping reduce my yearly overheads on creating analogue photography and prints.

A years subscription to Level 3
Extra Special Thank you on all digital/printed materials produced


£1500 One off donation

Fund a behind-the-scenes photography project for a UK based charity or creative organisation.
Documenting the hidden hard work and dedication of creatives and charities are some of my favourite projects.
Unfortunately many of these groups have zero budget for hiring a photographer and this fund would pay for up to 5 days of photography to capture and document their activities.
All captured on glorious B&W film of course!

We will discuss potential creatives/charities to approach for the project together and funders will be updated on progress throughout the project.
Images will be made available to them for free to tell their own stories on completion.

A years subscription to Level 3
Personal updates on the project
Private live BTS of creating prints in the darkroom
Special thanks in any printed/digital material (can be individual/company name)


£2500 One off donation

I will travel to anywhere in the world to create a body of work in that location.
We will decided the destination together and discuss budgets, locations, duration and concept.
From this journey I will produce blog posts, prints and a zine.

A years subscription to Level 3
Personal updates on the projects
Skype conversations with updates on the project
Private live stream creating prints in the darkroom and discussing the work

Special thanks in any printed/digital material (can be individual name or a brand)
2 prints from the project

The small print

Unfortunately postage and shipping costs are a significant overhead when distributing and as such will vary greatly depending on where you are located in the world.
These costs are specific to your location and will be automatically calculated on the checkout page at the lowest rate possible.
NOTE : Shipping rates are calculated and applied yearly NOT per issue.

Why yearly payments?
This helps me manage print run numbers and have access to the funds for printing ready for shipping on a quarterly schedule.
As supporters will be subscribing on different days and months of year it is the only way to guarantee a full subscription receives 4 editions a year.
Postage rates are also yearly and all zines/print voucher redemption will be combined to offer you the cheapest postage process.

All vouchers are allocated and sent on completion of your subscription.
They are valid for 1 year from that point and you can pick a product from any of the collections that you are entitled too.
All prints ordered using vouchers are sent on the same postal schedule as the quarterly zine to minimise postal costs.