Mercurial Dance - Photographed with Film - Ilford HP5 400 at ISO 1600 on 35m ID-3760-003

Retold by Mercurial Dance

Retold by Mercurial Dance 1800 1077 John Whitmore Photography

‘Retold’ was a production created by Mercurial Dance as part of the ‘Read All About!’ performances in the old Coventry Evening Telegraph Building (CET).  Drawing of stories and events that took place their, the performance was a mixture of live music (from Lucy Ann Sale), dance, improvisation and audience interaction, all set within the foyer of…

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Morocco Dave - Photographed with Film - ilfordhp4 at ISO 400 on Medium Format 120 Roll ID-3712-005

Morocco Dave at the CET Popup

Morocco Dave at the CET Popup 1800 1041 John Whitmore Photography

The old Coventry Evening Telegraph Building is a wonderful place to meander around, full of history and many rooms left as they were when it shut down.  It’s currently being utilised as a pop-up art space and on last Saturday, a performance space for Morocco Dave. It’s dark in the basement of the CET building, light…

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